Wipe It Down

Keeping handy wipes are pricey, but if you regulate how you use them, you might save yourself a little time and energy!

If you tried to clean your floors every day with wipes, you’d spend a fortune, but if you put wipes in handy places for specific uses, you’ll thank yourself.

We hate getting sick.

And if you have kids or a spouse that work outside the house, go to school, and just plain old do stuff with others, the cold and flu come in.

Not to mention, sticky fingers, brown fingerprints, smudges on the doors and handles. Every now and then I grab a tough and tender wipe and as I walk through the house, I wipe down door handles, light switches, cabinet knobs, and ‘seats’. If I can get to it, remote controls, computer keyboards and mice, and game controls.
Because that stuff is dirty and nobody else does it. I haven’t had a cold in 4 years. (knocking on the wood desk as I write!)
The husband gets sick. Sorry, maybe I should buy an extra pack for him to take to work! I suppose that as more to do with folks not covering their mouth or nose when they cough, but it didn’t come from home!
And not to mention, the handles and knobs are no longer sticky. It’s amazing how nasty those things get quickly! A bonus? The house stays looking newer; longer.