Where do I put??? THAT…

The most challenging question for organizers is…

where do I put this ‘thing’.

Even on a personal level, we are unsure about a few objects, and we hate to tell anyone but we have small little junk boxes too. For levels of stress and anxiety to be normal, it’s just a fact of life.

It’s easy to know where the pots and pans go, the toys, and maybe even the linens and towels. Things like cleaning products are just a decision away from figuring out: do cleaning supplies go under the sink, in the pantry, in the laundry room, or perhaps divided out to go under each sink like the toilet bowl cleaner goes under the sink in the bathroom, the bleach goes in the laundry, etc.

But what do you do with that box of matches and extra candles? Closet? Basement? Kitchen? What about the extra manuals that came with your appliances? Kitchen? Bookshelf? Burn them?

What sets a lot of us back is time. We don’t have the time to be thoughtful about where to put stuff because we have busy lives. We push things off, wait till later, put it in a pile until we feel better and refreshed. That’s when things start to get hairy.

How do you decide where to put things? Most simply: where will you remember it?

If you most likely are going to use candles in the living room, don’t hide the matches in the pantry closet. Put them nearby where you’ll remember them…AND, if you have too many, stop buying them in bulk. If you are struggling with where to put objects that have no theme, consider making objects a ‘candid’ decor piece. Sometimes we receive little ‘tchotchkes’ as gifts and we like them, so put them to use! Pile books on a bookshelf, and your gift can be a delightful topper.

When it comes to sentimental items that have no decor value, it’s okay to treat yourself to a box of goods. ‘Sentimental’ boxes or bins can be pretty and functional, and they can go in closets or under beds, but stop stressing if you have to have a bin that has old report cards, childhood memories, and similar items that you can’t part with but you have no use to decorate with. Make sure you store in a clean, dry place…and then shove it under the bed. We forgive you.