Top 5 Before Summer Ends

  1. Clean the carpets. And REALLY clean the carpets. If they are less than 3 years old, no need to shampoo unless they saw a LOT of traffic. A good baking soda sprinkle with your favorite essential oil scent (cedarwood? lavender? peppermint?) and let sit for an hour, then vacuum. If more is need, now is the time to shampoo professionally.
  2. Clean the curtains, blinds, or shades, and fan blades.
  3. Check your vents, clean your vents, and vacuum out your dryer vent.
  4. Vacuum out the dirty window ledges and debris that has gathered over the summer.
  5. Organize your garage. Winter and holidays are coming which means there is going to be a need for storage, shifting, and putting things INSIDE rather than OUTSIDE and if you organize now, you’ll appreciate it later!