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Storage space is only useful AFTER you’ve thrown out the things that are junk!

Now that I’m maintaining 2 homes, I had to make a lot of decisions about what to move from a house to a small, 600sf apartment. I soon realized that I brought too much.  Visually, it never seems like a lot until you put it into boxes and start unpacking and putting things on shelves.

I am a sucker for multi-purpose storage and bins (as you can see in the photo), but really, you start to realize that it’s pointless to stuff everything into bins because you forget what’s in each bin,  box, and basket. Putting sheets and sewing kits in the same bin for IMG_5517example, is pointless. If there isn’t enough room…it’s time to throw stuff out. (in this case, I donated a lot to a local art center at the Boys and Girls Club).
After I got rif of things, storage and organization became much easier…and my tidying skills were much sharper. PLUS…less to keep track of.