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Stop Buying Things You Don’t Need

Believe it or not, rules, order, and structure makes living a little easier.

If you went into your living room and lined up every item on the shelf, what do you have? Disorganized clutter? Organized clutter? The more mess…the more stress.

When there is a lot of visual clutter, your brain can’t let go. If your living room has stacks and piles in corners, messages thrown across the coffee table, and a box of something or another on the shelf, your brain is constantly in overdrive wondering if it missed anything.

Out of site does not mean out of mind. In fact, it just means out of your sight. Your brain cannot let go of what is sees, you just shift it around in your thought process and it never goes away.

Make sure what you keep it tightly organized.

Keep what you NEED and make sure the box on the shelf only holds important items. Magazine stacks should be ‘favorites only’ and that piles are taken care of. The less your brain has to manage, the more relaxed you’ll be and the more you can enjoy being in the moment.

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