Start with the Easy Stuff

A lot of people will argue that you should start with the hardest thing and work to the easiest. The opposite is quite true: if you start with the easiest, you’ll motivate yourself as you cross your ‘to-do’s’ off your list.

Starting with the easiest thing first, check off as you go. If it takes less than 10 minutes, YOU SHOULD DO IT automatically.

IF you’ve taken the time to make it list, it’s probably pretty long.

The longer the list, the harder it is to maintain order, keep organized, and keep on track. The idea is to make your list SHORT and sweet.

The truth for most people who stay on top of themselves, their family, their home, etc. is that they keep it list, check it twice, and make sure it stays DOWN. If you have 10 things to do in one day, start with the stuff that just naturally has to happen first, but then cross off and accomplish the easiest tasks first. When you cross them off, you’ll feel great that you are over half done, and then focus on completing the rest of the list.

It works!

Teach your friends and family to do the same. When the list gets short, the harder the task doesn’t seem so overwhelming anymore because you look at your list and realize that you have nothing else to do!