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Smelly House No More

Im a sucker for a clean smelling house, and sometimes the only way to do that quickly is to ‘cover it up’ with another scent! Living in Texas means that all types of folks and critters wander through, and with little notice to clean the home before a guest, I’m lighting a candle and hoping for the best.

One thing that I’ve never really resorted to is a ‘spray’ for nose reasons. Harsh chemicals tend to make my nose tickle and eyes itch, and they really aren’t that great for breathing in or for example, pets ingesting by accident whether it’s via licking their paws or similar.

If you are a believer in the room spray, I really like this subtle scent. Sea salt vanilla, and even diluted down, still smells great! It’s light and just enough to smell but not overpowering that people know you went out of your way…and it doesn’t smell like chemicals.

Not just an air freshener

Revive Fabric Freshener can be used on the carpet (although, I really don’t spray it there) on things like curtains and couches, and sometimes on clothing. If you have a particularly stubborn piece of linen pants, a couple spritzes may help to get the wrinkles out.

Where does it do its BEST job? Places like furniture that is hard to keep clean that I can’t put essential oils on. I tried using things like essential oil spritzes on head boards and ottomans, but it sometimes left oil drop marks, and the Revive does a nicer job.

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