Shower While You Work

So, it’s a pretty wide known thing that folks brush their teeth in the shower (although when I mentioned this to my dentist she seemed amazed that people did this…)

I mean, I brush my teeth in the shower and I love the experience, but something that I also do…is clean the tub while I’m in the shower.

Everyone HATES cleaning the tub. In fact, I hate it more than anyone else on the planet (okay, I exaggerate) but in seriousness what if you cleaned your tub every couple of days…and no longer had to scrub the tub?nkam4305

Alas, they’re a little pricey, but I clean the tub while I shower with Chlorox Scrub Singles. I use them more than once, and in fact, it lasts me about a week. I stick it on the side of the tub or drape it over the faucet, and every time I shower, I give it a little swish around the
tub. If it’s a little dirtier, I get the spots out, if it just needs a quick rinse, I use my foot to push the darn thing around and make sure it’s good to go.

It’s really only usable for a week. At that point, it no longer has scrub power and the cleaner is all washed out. I leave it in the tub in hopes that anyone else who showers may push it around with their toes, but I’m not sure they’ve caught on.

The good news? I no longer have weekend tub scrub days. The bad news…they’re a little expensive compared to traditional sponge and cleaner methods. For the tub however…I’m okay splurging.