One Thing at a Time

We all have moments where we are overwhelmed.

As someone who works outside of 9 to 5 and freelances and works as a contractor, I myself have to overwhelmingly promote myself. The month of September was not only chaotic as ‘everyone else’ pushed work onto me (because I don’t have kids, people assume I have more time than others?). Because I wanted to get my ‘name’ ahead, I accepted every and all proposals, extra work, extra volunteer time…

And now I’m behind.

I’m behind in more ways than one: I lost time, I stopped going to the gym, I stopped eating right…it’s amazing how small things happen and they lead to large catastrophic straying.

So the month of October is now spent trying to catch up. There were some amazing things that I already know but I had to remind myself.

  1. It’s okay to say no. I had to cancel a couple of meetings and special events because I just needed that time back to get myself back on track.
  2. I had to accept the fact that some projects were going to be late and that there was nothing to be done.
  3. I had to set aside time to actually get it done: I can only do one thing at a time, and when it’s done, it’s done but until then, work on one thing only until it’s finished. Stop trying to work on 5 things.
  4. I’m a multi-tasker but there are times when that gets in the way. Instead of doing 5 things a little bit of the way, I needed to do one thing completely and move on.
  5. I needed to plan ahead and make sure I was checking things off in my planner.

What is the moral of the story? Focusing on what’s not getting done makes people feel overwhelmed. Instead, focus on what you CAN get done, and then do it.