No Window What?

If there’s anything more frustrating, it’s a curtain. Open in the morning, closed at night, dusty, out of style…and blinds are even worse! Open and close and twist and shout, and yes, the dust particles floating in the sun rays as you adjust.

DSC_2195If you have a room with large windows that you don’t need window coverings, it’s okay to go without. For example, this dining room faces the fenced backyard. There’s no neighbors to play peek-a-boo with. It’s amazing the feeling you get when you walk into the dining room for a cup of coffee and enjoy breakfast, or you gather round with family for an easy meal and you enjoy the natural light.

Can you go without window coverings? This particular house has NO window treatments in the back…only in the front that faces the road (for privacy and security reasons). Otherwise, the back of the house (including the bedrooms) are sans window treatments!