How I Never Clean My Bathroom

I never clean the bathroom. And before you jump to conclusions…my bathroom is ALWAYS clean.

Starting with the easiest thing first, check off as you go. If it takes less than 10 minutes, YOU SHOULD DO IT automatically.

How do I do it?

Every day I wipe down ‘splash’ areas after I’m done washing my face and brushing my teeth. When I shower, I spray down my shower with ‘No Work‘ when I’m done. Before I shower, I wipe down the shower with a mini scrub pad. I also like magic erasers! Keep one of those in the shower, and give yourself an extra three minutes to wipe down the tub before you wash your hair! You’ll never spend 2 hours cleaning the bathroom again!

I rearrange the stuff on the shelves, and when I do, I give it a good wipe down with a hand towel, finish wiping down the toilet seat, and then toss the hand towel into the dirty laundry. (Do you realize how dirty those things get? You should be changing those out daily, and this is a good reason to do a quick wipe down and toss into the pile).

When I put things away, I make sure they aren’t leaky, and that they are again, wiped down clean. When it becomes empty or close to it, and if it becomes junk, I throw it away.

Not to brag, but folks come over and they always say ‘it’s because you don’t have kids’. But when I teach others my method, they soon realize it’s because I give myself an extra five minutes. Not only that, when I teach wives to do this, they teach their husbands, and now what used to be a chore on the weekends is a ‘never have to clean the bathroom’ ever again.

I do still do a seasonal cleaning. The heavy duty, once every three to four months where I re-assess my wants and needs in a bathroom, but that’s only because every room should be done this way, every season going through and making sure the corners and cracks are clear. Some swear by using tub and tile cleaner, getting whites whiter (and some even put it in their laundry).

But want to stop cleaning your bathroom? Start cleaning it every day.