Mental Health

Good mental health starts with emotional health. When you make positive decisions to get health physically and emotionally, not just for you but perhaps for your family, your mental health is next on the list!

Mental health is a little different than emotional health. Emotional means surrounding yourself with positive energy and choosing a positive path. Perhaps it means recognizing that you need a different strategy to cope with stress, or maybe it means finding new hobbies and activities that stimulate emotional well-being.

Brain health is good for your body too! Your mind and your body are linked! When you make the decision to improve your mental health, you are making the decision to become a healthier person in general.

Just like your body, your brain needs nourishment.

Mental health doesn’t mean you won’t ever be unhappy or stressed, but having great mental health means you have more ability and self-resources to cope with things and be more resilient against stress and other factors.

Believe it or not, physical activity and getting out into nature is a big ‘mental health’ refresher. Taking a walk or hike through a park if you don’t have access to an official ‘hike’ can be just as relieving for your brain.

Exercising physical allows your brain to receive blood flow, and meditation allows your brain a chance to relax. Things like ‘SUGAR, EXCESS REFINED CARBS, FRIED FOODS, ALCOHOL, and CAFFEINE’ all negatively affect your mental and emotional health, and things like nuts, avocados, beans, and certain fruits can all boost mental and emotional moods.

Good sleep is important both physically and mentally. Lack of sleep is a sign that you have lost balance, your stress and anxiety is getting too high, and not to mention according to nutritionists, it is actually HARDER to lose weight when you are not getting proper sleep!

Don’t be afraid to seek professional help! And professional help doesn’t have to be a doctor, (although if you need one, reach out!), but may be someone like a professional coach to help you manage time, a nutritionist to help you eat better, an organizer to help you keep like tasks and life a little more organized…a professional can help you feel like you are getting control back in your life.