Mental Health – Let’s Get Real About Baggage

Emotional baggage and literal baggage are often the same thing.

People collect objects for numerous reasons. WHY do we collect and buy? Impulse? Can you curb your desire to keep things? Can you discard easily? Can you stop buying impulsively?

We collect and buy for a lot of different reasons.

1. We are buying for the future. Most likely we saw something on clearance, and in our mind it just made sense. We are buying for a ‘future baby’ or for ‘next summer’ but are we just adding to our anxiety of spending, saving, where to store these items, and running the risk of having those items ruined before we get to use them? Is it worth it?

2. We are buying something for someone else, either now or in the future, which can sometimes be worse. Not only does this drain our own pocket book and bank account, but as well intentioned as it can be, are we putting a burden on the person receiving? Do they want your gift? Can they afford to store the gift? Will they feel obligated to keep it when they don’t need it?
3. It was just an awesome sale and you couldn’t refuse the urge to stock up! And sometimes, it’s worth it. If the eggs and toilet paper are on clearance, it may be worth a splurge if you enjoy hard-boiled eggs and we all use the potty room, but really, unless your favorite coffee is 80% off, the sale is usually not great enough to justify the stocking up and unused items waste time, space, and drain the account in the long run. Skip the bulking up.
4. You are buying to just plain old satisfy your life, which means you are seriously unfulfilled in other ways. And buying won’t fill that empty space no matter how hard you try. Buying something for sentiment will never bring back that memory to real life, and if you are going after things you can’t afford, it’ll only cause more stress and strife.
Put down the literal baggage and see if you can let go of some of the emotional baggage as well.