Mason Jars and Oil Bottles

I hate the way spices look on the shelf. Colorful labels and mismatchy plastic bottles…I suppose if you are allergic to something, it’s nice to have the label information, but in my house, we’re allergy free.

12440372_10153799025465762_7464723507484972644_oSo, I converted all those old mason jars I had into spice jars. (I used to own a boutique so I had about 20 laying around.) If you don’t have mason jars laying around, these can cost anywhere from $1 for a small jar or if you live near an IKEA, go crazy wild and pick up a collection of different style and size clear jars.

I made ‘kraft tags’ identifying what each spice was, tied on with jute string, and ‘taddah!’ there they are. This is a great option for having a ‘function decoration’. Not only do these look shabby chic and cute on the wall, but they serve a vital cooking function.