Lazy Susan

So, along with all the other issues I came across this bright idea on the internet and decided to try it for myself:

A lazy susan in the fridge.

1. Don’t bother buying it ready made in the store unless you’re truly lazy. They’re about $12 for a big size…$15 if you want it non-plastic.

2. This is a $10 table where three legs screw into the round piece, and you put a cloth and a glass topper on it. It was garbage, so I painted it with whatever glossy paint I had.

3. The ‘lazy susan rounder’ was bought at Home Depot for $5.

4. Don’t try and screw it in. It’s a mess. You’ll have all kinds of screw holes, good luck finding small screws…just get the glue out.

5. Remove the leg brackets off the back, and when it’s dry, put in fridge and go.lazysusan

Note: The susan worked better when the shelf was lowered and the food didn’t hit the light on top of the fridge. When the shelf was lowered, it also didn’t hit the ‘cooler settings’ in the back.

It works well, but I had to adjust what I put on the top shelf too (nothing tall that would get in the way of the turntable.

Overall…glad I did it. It was literally a $5 fix. No more reaching into the back for stuff or taking things out to get to whatever is in the back.