Layering the corner of the room

Ideally, you should be able to display everything you use.

There are a lot who believe that you need to tuck away into drawers and hide behind doors, but the picture shows that you can put things that you ‘use’ in plain sight. Tidy the area often to make sure things are in the ‘wrong’ spot, and coordinate colors to give the corner a cohesive look. Note that the corner isn’t perfect, but it gives the office a cozy feeling.ixyl7513

Stacking and layering also gives the eye a break, and clustering ‘odd’ items like the antlers and small figurines gives them purpose and meaning. The picture shows ‘shabby chic’. If the style isn’t yours, perhaps you use boxes that enclose the items a bit more, or instead of open shelving maybe you use something different?

Don’t be frustrated by not getting it right the first time. The picture shows scissors that are out of place, DVD’s stacked (that probably don’t belong there) and a fly swatter gadget in the bottom. It also shows some things ‘thrown’ in there quickly.

At the end of the day, (or right now) straigten those things out to make sure your room stays neat and organized.