Give Your Brain a Break

If we don’t clear the mental chaos, we get overwhelmed. That leads to anxiety, which can lead to even MORE problems: ulcers, migraines, poor skin quality, bad sleep conditions…which can lead to even MORE problems like heart issues, weight loss problems, and eventually a ‘lose your  sanity’ moment.

Things you can do?

Meditate. Cheesy as it sounds, meditation is the art of controlling your mind so it can let go. It may sound contradictory, but the idea is to lasso the mind in when it becomes a bucking bronco.

Take a vacation. If you can’t take a big one, take a mental one. You may need to call a friend and ask to go out for drinks, you might need to find a spot where your mind has a chance to relieve itself of the overwhelming stresses and anxieties that are building. (they got there because of lack of sleep, environmental stressors, and more)

Take up an aggressive sport or exercise routine. No joke, but activities like boxing and kickboxing increase endorphins and punching relieves the stress-induced

muscle tension. If you are in the right class, instructors also help you increase your skill and ‘focus’ and confidence. Not into the ‘heavy hitting’? Go the opposite

with something like Tai Chi.

Reach out. Don’t feel like you are ‘the only one’ out there. Sometimes, a doctor keeps up in check both in attitude and medication. A trained professional is an expert in helping you get your ‘mind, mood, and brain’ organized and functioning as 1 unit again so it doesn’t feel split into multiple legs.

Feel like it’s already out of control? Check out the resources HERE.