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Funky Towel Smell?!?! Get rid of that NOW!

A big complaint about laundry is that eventually towels, sheets, and blankets start to get a funky smell. We blame it on mildew, or a washer that doesn’t air out all the way, but who cares WHY it happens. All we know is that we want that darn smell to go away!

A HUGE thank you to SoluMel, which is a cure all for the laundry. With two dogs in the house, towels that seem to never air out, and living in the south means sweat build up on clothing in funky places, most everyone who does the laundry have tried it all: vinegar, bleach, scent fresheners…you name it!

Alas, try THIS magical cleaner (and then of course, use it on almost everything else that we’ll mention in other posts), but the cleaner comes in strong powerful form that you have to dilute. The bottle has lines depending on how strong you need it, and if you fill it to the 1/12th and add water, you have a spray bottle that you can use on tough smelly spots that you can throw in the wash like carpet or car upholstery, but even in its diluted form, pour a quarter cup in the laundry and wash as normal.

No more ‘double rinse’ or special fresheners

You will be amazed! Need something a little stronger? Most don’t, BUT if you do, pour a capful (only a cap needed) of undiluted concentrate into the wash. You will never complain again, and anyone who walks into your house will lay down on revel in house GREAT your house smells. (no joke, we’ve had several guests over who just can’t get over it).

The bonus? Many of those extras you put into the wash can cause rashes and itchiness because of the chemicals added. So far with sol-u-mel…so good!

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