From Shabby to Chic

I suppose it doesn’t matter where you get antlers from , but nevertheless, you may have some, and you may not know what to do with them.

I have shuffled these from corner to corner, and now, I am going to showcase these on my coffee table…but only after I painted them white.

If you wanted to buy a set of faux antlers, these would cost about $45. I guarantee you, these elk antlers are real. (perks of living in Colorado)

Be careful about how you come about these…from a garage sale: okay. They are not okay to pick up from a National Park Setting. (So if you’re thinking about going on vacation this year and finding a few in the woods, you can’t.)

If an elk or deer happen to drop some of these on your front porch; fair game.

Like I said, I had these and they’re really ugly, so, I bought a can of PRIMER paint (glossy would look funny) and painted. They look pretty decent and worthy of displaying. Instead of looking out of place…they now look purposeful.antlers