Essential Oils Require Extreme Care

As someone who LOVES essential oils, after a wonderful weekend explaining oils to ‘pet parents’ it’s important to remind ourselves the danger of using essentail oils without adequate knowledge and research.

Using oils requires a lot of caution and care, and there are many oils that can cause burns, illness, and for out pets, sometimes extreme situations.

It’s important that you seek professional guidance with oils.

A great example is this story here, where a woman applied essential oils and suffered burns. The moral of the story?   It’s important to understand just how incredibly beneficial and yet dangerous something can be!

Clove oil and lemon oil can be wonderful to clean with, but can be extremely damaging to the skin if used improperly. In fact, citrus oils are extremely potent, 1 drop of lemon oil is the equivalent of 1 POUND OF LEMONS, and if you read this article here, you can see what 1 lime can do…can you imagine what 1 drop of lime oil would do?


Essential oils are amazing, but remember what oils can do, and also remember that there are companies that hire professional scientists that already do the measuring for you! Love to clean with thyme and lemon? Consider a cleaner that is already mixed for you. Love tea tree oil for your pet? Consider a shampoo that is already measured out.

With pets use caution as well. After a lengthy talk with a woman at a pet expo, she was talking about using lavender as an ingestible, which caught me off guard. It occurred to me suddenly, that what is okay for a human (is not always okay for pets) but at the same time, what is okay for 150 pounds, is not the same for 40 pounds, or even a 10 pound dog. In fact, I had to remind her and several others that oils are great for pets, but dilution is tricky and just like children, puppies who chew on baseboards are at risk if you use ‘clove and peppermint’ as an ant spray but could be deadly to a puppy who licks and chews, and for toddlers and babies who crawl and touch the floor and walls, could cause burns.

In fact, ingesting oils is a far more tricky business that I caution people to never try. When pushed I tell others to seek outside council, seek research, and to find a professional in oils. Lavender oil is wonderful, but all oils are distilled differently, contain chemicals that can be harmful depending on what type of brand you use, and lavender is one of the more ‘safer’ oils on the list but can still cause death with a pet. 1 drop used aromatically can cause death if ingested. Tea tree oil can be wonderful in a pet shampoo, but the dilution rate needs to be less than half a percent!


What does that all mean? We love sharing with you the benefits of alternative cleaning methods and healthy living and healing, but always, always use caution and care and do your research first!