Delightful Dining Rooms

This is the perfect example of why staging a home matters: especially in areas where your home is small, the area is awkward, or you live in an area where you need an ‘up’ on the market.

For all of those who are in a market where a house sells before you can blink without even trying…of course I envy you. Michigan is NOT this kind of market. This house is only 1104 square feet, and of course, every little bit of edge we have to beat that average of 110 days on market is key.

Tbeforeafterdining-smotal cost to stage this home? I’ll do it room by room. First room: this beautiful dining room.

Note: buyers don’t be scared of nasty flooring! By far this is the quickest upgrade you can make to your house, and the one that is the least painful. Carpet is the easiest. Laminate is a cheap alternative to hardwoods. You can see our before picture: nasty really gross carpet. Want to know the BEST part of that carpet? (by best, I mean worst).

In some parts, there was so much CAT PEE that the carpet padding was ‘stuck’ to the floor underneath and smelled so bad of ammonia, we had to break out some special chemicals to clean the floor underneath.  (Cost = $50.) And then…moldy carpet. Gross.

The floor in the after pic? A wonderful, (okay and cheap) laminate floor from Home Depot. (Bragging here = $0.68 a square foot). We put an underlayment down ($0.25 a square foot) because the house is a slab, and bought ourselves a miter saw ($125), and bought a few extra boxes for trial and error. We TOOK OFF the baseboards, went wall-to-wall with the laminate hardwoods, and then put the baseboards back on so we could avoid quarter round.

We didn’t touch the windows. We debated re-doing the windows, but found that most buyers don’t give the the price you pay for new windows. (Yes, windows are about $225 a window for a standard size, and you can see this is NOT a standard size window in here!)

We used Home Depot’s mis-tint (they raised the price to $9!!!!) which is still a good deal. Normally, Behr paint runs $35 a gallon. This is a blue-grey paint that turned out more blue (happy surprise!).

While blue is NOT a neutral color, it gives the room a pop. The dining table was $65 from a flea market, the chairs were $35 for the set of 4 from a local thrift store. These are as-is. No repainting needed. Yes, up close they are a little chippy. It’s very shabby-chic and cute though!

The yellow lamp by the door was a garage sale find for $5. (Ikea). The lamp in the right corner was purchased direct from Ikea. ($30). The orange chair was $65 from World Market (bought on sale). The green basket was a discount find from a local ‘junk store’ ($9) and holds little shoe-booties.

The brown table cloth is covered a folded T.V. Tray (you can see the other three in the right hand side of the photo). The folding birch bookcase is a Target purchase for $50.

The bookcase was a second-hand store find for $50. We needed to show that the dining room was large and versatile (the bookcase could substitute a piano, a work desk, etc.) and the photo frame on the wall was from Kirklands. ($15).

So, could you do this yourself? Of course!:)

Total Room = $560 give or take, (including the new flooring).