1843 Bradley Living Room

What a big deal color makes…

Including white!

I’m not afraid of white. I even have 3 dogs in the house. Why? Because white is an easy color to replace, match, and bleach. It’s easier to clean than say…yellow.

Color leaves a room with character, and color on the walls covers a lot of imperfections. Color can make a room bigger or small, longer or taller…warm, cold, cozy, or chaotic!

1843 Bradley Living Room

Because I opt to go colorful on the walls, I make sure I pick neutral furniture. Notice, the white futon, the white coffee table, and I even painted the fireplace ledge white! The wall accenting the fireplace is a dark brown, and the other wall (in the photo it looks like a grayish-green) is actually a mid-tone gray. It picks up on the bright green plants, and the pieces I have really stand out against the colorful walls.

I painted the ceiling a fresh white so it didn’t look dingy anymore, and all of a sudden the room came together.

The crates were a junkyard find ($3 per crate). I didn’t even sand them down, I just stacked and put them away as long as they were clean. No sand, no paint. The coffee table was nabbed from a business that was closing (it was a store stacker) for only $10! The futon was a ‘faux’ with a leather look that was $180 (looking online now, I feel like I overpaid). The chair was from Target for $110, the plants were all gifts, the bowl on the coffee table was $14 from TJ Maxx, and the fireplace set was spray painted for a fresh look ($3.50 for a can of paint). All the paints in the room are mis-tints at $9.00 a gallon, and the floor was $0.67 a square foot.

The white trim? From Habitat ReStore for $4 a piece (14 foot pieces)…an incredible find.