Bradley Street Closet

Closets are by far the thing everyone hates to organize. There are usually multiple problems:

1. Not a big enough closet. i have a serious problem shopping! the clearance racks are a huge weakness for me, and i often find myself buying things i have absolutely no need for. and i can’t sell them back…they’re often out of fashion… 🙁  first step to organizing a closet? stop buying things to put in the closet.

2. There are a lot of options for a small closet but many of them include a huge budget to hire someone, or a lot of hands-on building at which i’m not good at. you would think after spending thousands on art classes and learning how to use shop tools i’d be good at it, but i swear to you, carpentry is a skill and a gift. unless you have a close friend to help you, creating built-ins is not easy.

3. What i am good at (see #1) is shopping for a great discount! when i bought my ‘remodel’ house (a true remodel trust me) i was able to shop for a semi-custom closet. no screwdrivers, no screwing, i promise!

4. I hate painting, but the key to having a nice and neat house, aside from organizing, is the look of clean paint. an old sweatshirt, two days, and some cussing aside, i painted the closet.

5. Okay, bad photos aside (they weren’t a priority when I was busy with ideas) you can see how the plain closet on the left was turned into something more custom on the right.

6. I did two closets: The custom system was $125 bought from Sam’s Club. It is a clip and weight system, so you don’t need screwdrivers, just a little patience and coordination to put it together. The matching velvet hangers were $13 per set of 25 from HomeGoods (TJ Maxx or Marshall’s) and I bought 4 sets. A little time refolding clothes to perfection, 4 boxes of garage sale and Goodwill donations, and a 3 dollar blue bin for belts that you can see at the top shelf. The leather bin I already had (holding wallets) but was bought from Target for $19 if I remember correctly.Bradley Street Closet