Clear the Mental Clutter

There is nothing more exhausting than being so mentally overwhelmed. It keeps us up at night, rules our thoughts during the day so we can barely keep focused…it seems that we keep writing ourselves ‘to-do’ lists, and things don’t get checked off.

With the holidays, it only gets worse! Now, on top of thinking about daily job duties, we now have to think about travel, time-off, gifts, family, friends, shopping…

The only way to clear the mental clutter…is to give yourself a mental break!

If your tasks can be scheduled out, schedule them a little further out, and take care of what you can get off your list. Then, schedule yourself some mental time off!

Mental time off is not necessarily physical time off. For some, leaving the phone on vibrate while they take a vigorous hike is a mental time out. The idea is to stop thinking about ‘what to do’ and just give your brain a break to ‘enjoy the moment’. For some, it may mean turning off all the electronics while they clean their home, or perhaps it’s going out to a movie where no one can talk to you, you don’t have to talk, and you just enjoy the theater.

As mental clutter builds, this is where the overwhelming feelings build and you end up doing nothing. Recognizing where your breaking points begin are important. If you can feel yourself growing mentally tired, you can bet that tasks are going to keep piling up, pushed around, and never completed.

Before you get to your breaking point…mentally take a break.