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Clear the Clutter…and Lose the Weight

No, it isn’t a joke and it isn’t fake news. Organizing, tidying up, and getting rid of the junk CAN help you lose weight.

It isn’t the fact that the junk equates fat. Or that too much stuff equates too many calories. It’s more an attitude and a sense of mind.

So…clearing the clutter is clearing the mind.

It’s not that you cleaning the sink, putting the legos in the bucket, and making sure the dog toys are off the floor before you vacuum has a direct correlation to donuts being on the shelf or soda being in the fridge. It’s more like: lazy around the house means lazy in food planning. It means lazy choices when picking out food at the grocery store: like fast food instead of QUALITY meals.

According to the study reported on by The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, people with messy or cluttered homes are 77 percent more likely to be overweight or obese.

Start making better choices with you ‘STUFF’ and you’ll start to make better choices about your lifestyle.

Start with the cobwebs in the corners, and you’ll start to clear the cobwebs in your mind. You’ll free up the space in your brain to dedicate more time to ‘focusing’ on making healthy choices. AND, bonus, cleaning and organizing the house (not to mention throwing some of the junk out) means less time cleaning and straightening and tidying and more time you can dedicate to cooking great tasting meals and exercising and heading out to get fit!

Not to mention…there is an emotional reason that you might be holding onto things, which not only affects your home, but it can ALSO affect your finances!

It seems that there have been several studies that not only do cleaner and more organized and structured people have LESS rates of obesity and related disease…but they also have less debt. Seems there is a direct relationship about decision making!

Maybe it’s that organized folks tend to keep a neater desk which means that have better management over their bills? Or maybe (and more likely) it is the fact that they have more focus and control and less mental clutter to make sure they are not spending needlessly…or they are not spending to ‘fill the emotional and mental’ overwhelment.

Whatever the reasons…it is definitely worth a try. Get to it.

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