As mentioned before in a previous post, the camper (still a good idea) has begun its renovation! Yay…kind of. Because of the minor leak damage we saw, we decided to take off the paneling and create some custom work. There’s no way to know what’s underneath the paneling until youRead More →

Wow, talk about a long journey! Who knew renovating a house could take SOOOO long! First and foremost, for all you do-it-yourselfers and wannabe flippers: caution with cash! While Justin and I went into this full well with cash to purchase and cash to renovate, we knew certain things aheadRead More →

What is a glamping? Glamour-Camping. Okay, sounds  a little dumb, but after massive internet and Pinterest searching, I’ve discovered the secret cult of vintage camper renovation. Thus, a 1974 Wilderness bumper pull. At 2442 pounds, pulling with a V8 expedition, we have to be EXTREMELY careful about weight. All ofRead More →

I suppose it doesn’t matter where you get antlers from , but nevertheless, you may have some, and you may not know what to do with them. I have shuffled these from corner to corner, and now, I am going to showcase these on my coffee table…but only after IRead More →

So, along with all the other issues I came across this bright idea on the internet and decided to try it for myself: A lazy susan in the fridge. 1. Don’t bother buying it ready made in the store unless you’re truly lazy. They’re about $12 for a big size…$15Read More →

When I bought t house, I was very well aware of the window in the bathroom that was hidden behind the shower insert. What I didn’t realize was that you should never tackle a new bathroom in temperatures below 32 degrees.his The reason? Well, mortar, grout, and caulk all have aRead More →

Bradley Street Closet

1. Not a big enough closet. i have a serious problem shopping! the clearance racks are a huge weakness for me, and i often find myself buying things i have absolutely no need for. and i can’t sell them back…they’re often out of fashion… 🙁  first step to organizing aRead More →