Camper Woes?

As mentioned before in a previous post, the camper (still a good idea) has begun its renovation! Yay…kind of.

Bleak2ecause of the minor leak damage we saw, we decided to take off the paneling and create some custom work. There’s no way to know what’s underneath the paneling until you rip it off, so take off with care and be ready to repair or replace. We are planning on lining
the camper with custom pallet wood instead of paneling, so we started to pull and yank and do what we could to get it off. This also gives us a chance to see if there are any current leaks.

While we like to consider that we weren’t lied to, (some leak3
people don’t even know what condition their camper is in when they sell it), this particular ‘minor’ water damage had more going on underneath. This ‘little bit of staining’ we saw on the paneling is from a bad seal on the window that was never
take care of. The ‘stuck’ sun roof/vent also vibrated out of place on the way home, and we decided to remove the ceiling and we’re going to replace that as well (thinking more pallet wood) and so we took all the paneling off to replace the crummy ‘vinyl’ covering and paneling only to reveal that this sunroof has been a problem leak for awhile! We covered the camper with a tarp and we’re ripping out the damaged, rotting, already rotted wood, are resealing the windows, and hopefully after the demo is done, we’ll be on to the ‘pretty photos’!!!:)

The good is that no more leaks! If we ever re-sell this baby, it’ll be leak free. (for real leak free). But, these repairs should last 5-10 years if we take care of our little vintage project.

2The next great thing is that we are going to have the most awesome custom trailer. So far, this demo has been FREE.  The repairs for the leak? Eternabond Roof Seal Tape for $80, Plexi-Glass to repair windows is $15 (okay for now, but definitely a quick fix), a few spare pieces of aluminum siding for some rusty spots we
discovered (Habitat for Humanity) was $4, and some Bond-O for $15.  These REPAIRS don’t include the prettifying we’ll be doing, but this is to get it DRY and LIVEABLE, as well as SAFE. (unsafe would be ignoring the leaks and letting mold grow)