Austin Organizing Coach, author of Keep It Simple 365: offering one-on-one weekly coaching.

Why don’t we stay organized? I hear a lot of: “I don’t know where to start!” or “I clean it once, but it doesn’t stay that way.” or even “my place is too small and I have too much stuff.”

What does that all mean? It means that you need a better ‘SYSTEM’ to keep your THINGS in order. Organizing is not a one time thing. It is developing a strategy on where your things go, how to keep them in their right place…and perhaps it even means going deeper and asking ‘why you have so much stuff’ to begin with! A coach is like your ‘life coach personal assistant’ and a ‘pro organizer’ all rolled into one! Organizing is EXTREMELY emotional, overwhelming, and is very personal. That’s why ‘cleaning and organizing’ is not quite the same thing.

what i do.

I help you organize. Do you need help putting your ‘home, house, office, or business’ back in order? It takes about 6 months to develop good habits. I come to your home weekly, or every other week and help you FIGURE IT OUT. An organized home, office, mind…and life will bring you more TIME; and time saves us money.

what does it cost?

Remember my motto? Keep it simple!

$130/month = 1.5 Hour Visit: every other week

$225/month = 1.5 Hour Visit: every week