Are you REALLY that busy?

What are your priorities?

I look at my dog and it seems he’s got it figured out. He goes out when he needs to, he sleeps when he feels like it, and he roots through his toy box when he’s got energy.

Then again, my dog doesn’t care whether the sheets are clean, doesn’t have a spouse that comes home and off-loads his day and his crappy co-worker comments, complains about being hungry, and doesn’t have to worry about his boss (or his three bosses in my case) demanding to know where their services are.

The fact is…no matter how much I preach that you should ask for help, the fact is no one can help me do my daily work, they cannot listen to my spouse off load his complaints, and if I ask for help on the laundry, it seems it creates MORE work for me in the long run just because I’ve asked. The fact is…sometimes you just cannot say NO.

But I can do things one at a time.

I have gotten through my clutter, I have gotten through my tidying, I feel organized, and yet the anxiety and overwhelm just keeps on coming. WHY?

Because my internal need to be in control is conflicting with external activities. The more I get behind, the worse the feelings get. On top of that, the less sleep I get, the worse the effect.

At this point in time, multi-tasking is a horrible idea. In fact, the suggestion I have is to start with what is closest to you and work your way outward.

I know I have to finish my most immediate tasks: three bosses demanding three things. This needs to be finished FIRST. I need to make sure my ‘work’ is actually finished. The consequences of not finishing mean a smaller paycheck or a lost job. Then, I need to focus on what the most immediate task is next. Is the house litterally a mess? Stuff is ALL OVER because you’ve been tired and tied up? This is the next task as hand.

I usually tell people to start with the hardest thing on the list and finish with the easiest, but the fact is when you have built up anxiety, the time has run out and is behind, and overwhelm is the only thing you feel, you have to start with what’s in front of you. In fact, you probably cannot even imagine other items and cannot even think clear enough to make a list!

It’s okay. Even to the best of us who ‘have it figured out’ lose their sh*t every now and then. I’m giving you permission to do so. But tomorrow? Lose your sh*t today, get it over with, and start fresh tomorrow.