Give Your Brain a Break

If we don’t clear the mental chaos, we get overwhelmed. That leads to anxiety, which can lead to even MORE problems: ulcers, migraines, poor skin quality, bad sleep conditions…which can lead to even MORE problems like heart issues, weight loss problems, and eventually a ‘lose your  sanity’ moment.

Things you can do?

Meditate. Cheesy as it sounds, meditation is the art of controlling your mind so it can let go. It may sound contradictory, but the idea is to lasso the mind in when it becomes a bucking bronco.

Take a vacation. If you can’t take a big one, take a mental one. You may need to call a friend and ask to go out for drinks, you might need to find a spot where your mind has a chance to relieve itself of the overwhelming stresses and anxieties that are building. (they got there because of lack of sleep, environmental stressors, and more)

Take up an aggressive sport or exercise routine. No joke, but activities like boxing and kickboxing increase endorphins and punching relieves the stress-induced

muscle tension. If you are in the right class, instructors also help you increase your skill and ‘focus’ and confidence. Not into the ‘heavy hitting’? Go the opposite

with something like Tai Chi.

Reach out. Don’t feel like you are ‘the only one’ out there. Sometimes, a doctor keeps up in check both in attitude and medication. A trained professional is an expert in helping you get your ‘mind, mood, and brain’ organized and functioning as 1 unit again so it doesn’t feel split into multiple legs.

Feel like it’s already out of control? Check out the resources HERE.

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Do the Dirty Work

Once school starts, the time to tidy up and clean up will be even harder. Schedules get tighter, weekends are now dedicated to game days, and your ability to keep up with the house gets harder.

Get your house PREPARED!


As fall and winter arrive, giving the floors a good cleaning can be the start of a new habit! No more shoes in the house! Give everything a great cleaning, and because the weather still allows for windows to be wide open, shampoo the carpet. This is your chance to insist that shoes come off at the door. Bonus if you live in cold, snowy, muddy areas…no more tracking mud inside! With a deep clean NOW, you can just ‘touch up’ oors once a week over the winter.

Summer is the time for spills and spots. Vacuum the furniture, scrub the furniture, and if you have the ability to hire out or DIY, shampoo things that can be shampooed like a fabric couch or chair. Over the winter, deep cleaning is hard because we can’t open windows or use fans (unless you live in the hot south).

Clean the windows both inside and out takes a half day, and if you have the money, powerwash the home and walkways to get off summer mud, crud, and more. Check windows for cracks in the seal before winter comes, and address any problems now. Vacuum the sills and make sure the exterior of your house is good to go.

Now is the time to address furnace lters, water lters, and any other nitty-gritty issues.

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Mental Health – Let’s Get Real About Baggage

Emotional baggage and literal baggage are often the same thing.

People collect objects for numerous reasons. WHY do we collect and buy? Impulse? Can you curb your desire to keep things? Can you discard easily? Can you stop buying impulsively?

We collect and buy for a lot of different reasons.

1. We are buying for the future. Most likely we saw something on clearance, and in our mind it just made sense. We are buying for a ‘future baby’ or for ‘next summer’ but are we just adding to our anxiety of spending, saving, where to store these items, and running the risk of having those items ruined before we get to use them? Is it worth it?

2. We are buying something for someone else, either now or in the future, which can sometimes be worse. Not only does this drain our own pocket book and bank account, but as well intentioned as it can be, are we putting a burden on the person receiving? Do they want your gift? Can they afford to store the gift? Will they feel obligated to keep it when they don’t need it?
3. It was just an awesome sale and you couldn’t refuse the urge to stock up! And sometimes, it’s worth it. If the eggs and toilet paper are on clearance, it may be worth a splurge if you enjoy hard-boiled eggs and we all use the potty room, but really, unless your favorite coffee is 80% off, the sale is usually not great enough to justify the stocking up and unused items waste time, space, and drain the account in the long run. Skip the bulking up.
4. You are buying to just plain old satisfy your life, which means you are seriously unfulfilled in other ways. And buying won’t fill that empty space no matter how hard you try. Buying something for sentiment will never bring back that memory to real life, and if you are going after things you can’t afford, it’ll only cause more stress and strife.
Put down the literal baggage and see if you can let go of some of the emotional baggage as well.
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Start with the Easy Stuff

A lot of people will argue that you should start with the hardest thing and work to the easiest. The opposite is quite true: if you start with the easiest, you’ll motivate yourself as you cross your ‘to-do’s’ off your list.

Starting with the easiest thing first, check off as you go. If it takes less than 10 minutes, YOU SHOULD DO IT automatically.

IF you’ve taken the time to make it list, it’s probably pretty long.

The longer the list, the harder it is to maintain order, keep organized, and keep on track. The idea is to make your list SHORT and sweet.

The truth for most people who stay on top of themselves, their family, their home, etc. is that they keep it list, check it twice, and make sure it stays DOWN. If you have 10 things to do in one day, start with the stuff that just naturally has to happen first, but then cross off and accomplish the easiest tasks first. When you cross them off, you’ll feel great that you are over half done, and then focus on completing the rest of the list.

It works!

Teach your friends and family to do the same. When the list gets short, the harder the task doesn’t seem so overwhelming anymore because you look at your list and realize that you have nothing else to do!

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Mental Health

Good mental health starts with emotional health. When you make positive decisions to get health physically and emotionally, not just for you but perhaps for your family, your mental health is next on the list!

Mental health is a little different than emotional health. Emotional means surrounding yourself with positive energy and choosing a positive path. Perhaps it means recognizing that you need a different strategy to cope with stress, or maybe it means finding new hobbies and activities that stimulate emotional well-being.

Brain health is good for your body too! Your mind and your body are linked! When you make the decision to improve your mental health, you are making the decision to become a healthier person in general.

Just like your body, your brain needs nourishment.

Mental health doesn’t mean you won’t ever be unhappy or stressed, but having great mental health means you have more ability and self-resources to cope with things and be more resilient against stress and other factors.

Believe it or not, physical activity and getting out into nature is a big ‘mental health’ refresher. Taking a walk or hike through a park if you don’t have access to an official ‘hike’ can be just as relieving for your brain.

Exercising physical allows your brain to receive blood flow, and meditation allows your brain a chance to relax. Things like ‘SUGAR, EXCESS REFINED CARBS, FRIED FOODS, ALCOHOL, and CAFFEINE’ all negatively affect your mental and emotional health, and things like nuts, avocados, beans, and certain fruits can all boost mental and emotional moods.

Good sleep is important both physically and mentally. Lack of sleep is a sign that you have lost balance, your stress and anxiety is getting too high, and not to mention according to nutritionists, it is actually HARDER to lose weight when you are not getting proper sleep!

Don’t be afraid to seek professional help! And professional help doesn’t have to be a doctor, (although if you need one, reach out!), but may be someone like a professional coach to help you manage time, a nutritionist to help you eat better, an organizer to help you keep like tasks and life a little more organized…a professional can help you feel like you are getting control back in your life.

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Feeling Good Looks Great

There are no excuses for not keeping up your health, but there MAY be a reason that you aren’t looking your best, and it MIGHT be health related.

What can you do about it?


Get a checkup if you can.

There’s no great substitute for getting to a doctor and wondering why you aren’t looking and feeling your best. There are things like poor and underactive thyroids, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and allergies that can cause skin problems, overweight issues, and more.

But what are some other general things you can do to look great and feel great? Remember, the better you feel, the better you look! More energy, better sleep, no bags under the eyes…the list goes on!

1. Drink more water. Water keeps you feeling fuller which means eating less. Water is better for cell generation, which means better looking skin. We recommend straight water…nothing added, but if you find it tough, try adding something to water (as a last resort. we know it’s hard to go cold turkey.)

2. Get more sleep. A good nutritionist will tell you that a good night’s sleep helps you lose weight. No kidding. Better sleep also means better skin, better productivity, better at stress management, better at anger management, better at kid management…okay, you get the drift.

3. Night owl? Your body has been up late at night so often, now you cannot fall asleep? Try a sleep aid. Opt for the LEAST amount you need until your body is trained to go to bed and wake up at a certain time, and then you most likely will not need to take a sleep aid anymore. ALWAYS consult a doctor before trying a sleep aid. Everyone reacts differently!

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